one-dimensional continuant fiat boundary

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Term information

BFO CLIF specification label



a one-dimensional continuant fiat boundary is a continuous fiat line whose location is defined in relation to some material entity. (axiom label in BFO2 Reference: [032-001])

example of usage

The Equator

the median sulcus of your tongue

all lines of latitude and longitude

the line separating the outer surface of the mucosa of the lower lip from the outer surface of the skin of the chin.

all geopolitical boundaries

has associated axiom(fol)

(iff (OneDimensionalContinuantFiatBoundary a) (and (ContinuantFiatBoundary a) (exists (b) (and (OneDimensionalSpatialRegion b) (forall (t) (locatedInAt a b t)))))) // axiom label in BFO2 CLIF: [032-001]


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