All terms in BFO

Label Id Description
three-dimensional spatial region BFO_0000028
site BFO_0000029
one-dimensional spatial region BFO_0000026
zero-dimensional continuant fiat boundary BFO_0000147
zero-dimensional temporal region BFO_0000148
temporal region BFO_0000008
object aggregate BFO_0000027
two-dimensional spatial region BFO_0000009
generically dependent continuant BFO_0000031 [b is a generically dependent continuant = Def. b is a continuant that g-depends_on one or more other entities. (axiom label in BFO2 Reference: [074-001])]
object BFO_0000030
process boundary BFO_0000035 [p is a process boundary =Def. p is a temporal part of a process & p has no proper temporal parts. (axiom label in BFO2 Reference: [084-001])]
spatiotemporal region BFO_0000011
function BFO_0000034
disposition BFO_0000016
zero-dimensional spatial region BFO_0000018
one-dimensional temporal region BFO_0000038