All terms in CHEMINF

Label Id Description
study limitations section IAO_0000631
document part IAO_0000314
study limitations textual entity IAO_0000632
textual entity IAO_0000300
materials section IAO_0000633
identifier IAO_0020000
information content entity IAO_0000030
notes section IAO_0000634
keywords section IAO_0000630
Wikipedia identifier CHEMINF_000410 [Database identifier used by Wikipedia.]
centrally registered identifier symbol IAO_0000577
Reactome identifier CHEMINF_000411 [Database identifier used by Reactome.]
chemical database identifier CHEMINF_000464
BCUT CHEMINF_001500 [Eigenvalue based descriptor noted for its utility in chemical diversity.]
topological descriptor CHEMINF_000092 [A topological descriptor is a chemical descriptor which pertains to spatial properties of a geometric object that are preserved under continuous deformations of objects, for example, deformations that involve stretching.]
ChEMBL identifier CHEMINF_000412 [Identifier used by the ChEMBL database for compounds, assays, target, etc.]
bond partial pi charge CHEMINF_001501 [Descriptor that calculates bond-pi Partial charge of a bond by determining the difference the Partial Pi Charge on atoms A and B of a bond (based in Gasteiger Charge).]
electronic descriptor CHEMINF_000087
organic carbon adsorption descriptor CHEMINF_000413 [A descriptor of the ratio of the amount of a given chemical substance adsorbed per unit weight of organic carbon in soil or sediment to the concentration of the chemical substance in solution at equilibrium. ]
physical descriptor CHEMINF_000025 [A physical descriptor is a chemical descriptor which describes some physical property (quality or disposition) of a chemical entity.]