All properties in CHMO

Label Id Description
BFO_0000063 BFO_0000063
BFO_0000179 BFO_0000179
BFO_0000180 BFO_0000180
IAO_0000111 IAO_0000111
IAO_0000112 IAO_0000112
IAO_0000114 IAO_0000114
IAO_0000117 IAO_0000117
IAO_0000118 IAO_0000118
IAO_0000119 IAO_0000119
IAO_0000231 IAO_0000231
IAO_0000412 IAO_0000412
IAO_0000601 IAO_0000601
IAO_0000602 IAO_0000602
IAO_0010000 IAO_0010000
IAO_0100001 IAO_0100001
Non-mining synonym non-mining_synonym
RO_0002418 RO_0002418
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty
achieves_planned_objective OBI_0000417 [This relation obtains between a planned process and a objective specification when the criteria specified in the objective specification are met at the end of the planned process.]
begins to exist during BFO_0000068