All terms in EDAM

Label Id Description
Biodiversity data format format_3706 [Data format for biodiversity data.]
Format (by type of data) format_2350 [A placeholder concept for visual navigation by dividing data formats by the content of the data that is represented.]
Protein accession data_2907 [Accession of a protein deposited in a database.]
Molecule accession data_2901 [Accession of a specific molecule (catalogued in a database).]
Protein identifier data_0989 [Identifier of a protein.]
Tabix index file format format_3700 [Index file format used by the samtools package to index TAB-delimited genome position files.]
Binary format format_2333 [Binary format.]
Data index format format_3326 [Format of a data index of some type.]
Organism accession data_2908 [An accession of annotation on a (group of) organisms (catalogued in a database).]
Organism identifier data_1869 [A unique identifier of a (group of) organisms.]
Organism name data_2909 [The name of an organism (or group of organisms).]
Name data_2099 [A name of a thing, which need not necessarily uniquely identify it.]
MSF format_3702 [Proprietary mass-spectrometry format of Thermo Scientific's ProteomeDiscoverer software.]
Mass spectrometry data format format_3245 [Format for mass pectra and derived data, include peptide sequences etc.]
Sequin format format_3701 [A five-column, tab-delimited table of feature locations and qualifiers for importing annotation into an existing Sequin submission (an NCBI tool for submitting and updating GenBank entries).]
Sequence feature table format (text) format_2206 [Text format for a sequence feature table.]
Genome accession data_2903 [An accession of a particular genome (in a database).]
Genome identifier data_2749 [An identifier of a particular genome.]
Functional genomics topic_0085 [The study of gene or protein functions and their interactions in totality in a given organism, tissue, cell etc.]
Genomics topic_0622 [Whole genomes of one or more organisms, or genomes in general, such as meta-information on genomes, genome projects, gene names etc.]