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Label Id Description
2D boundary of RO_0002000 [a relation between a 2D immaterial entity (the boundary) and a material entity, in which the boundary delimits the material entity]
BFO CLIF specification label BFO_0000180 [Relates an entity in the ontology to the term that is used to represent it in the the CLIF specification of BFO2]
BFO OWL specification label BFO_0000179 [Relates an entity in the ontology to the name of the variable that is used to represent it in the code that generates the BFO OWL file from the lispy specification.]
OBO foundry unique label IAO_0000589 [An alternative name for a class or property which is unique across the OBO Foundry.]
ObsoleteProperty ObsoleteProperty
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty
alternative term IAO_0000118 [An alternative name for a class or property which means the same thing as the preferred name (semantically equivalent)]
antisymmetric property IAO_0000427 [Use boolean value xsd:true to indicate that the property is an antisymmetric property]
bearer of RO_0000053 [a relation between an independent continuant (the bearer) and a specifically dependent continuant (the dependent), in which the dependent specifically depends on the bearer for its existence]
comment comment
concretizes RO_0000059 [A relationship between a specifically dependent continuant and a generically dependent continuant, in which the generically dependent continuant depends on some independent continuant in virtue of the fact that the specifically dependent continuant also depends on that same independent continuant. Multiple specifically dependent continuants can concretize the same generically dependent continuant.]
contains process BFO_0000067 [[copied from inverse property 'occurs in'] b occurs_in c =def b is a process and c is a material entity or immaterial entity& there exists a spatiotemporal region r and b occupies_spatiotemporal_region r.& forall(t) if b exists_at t then c exists_at t & there exist spatial regions s and s’ where & b spatially_projects_onto s at t& c is occupies_spatial_region s’ at t& s is a proper_continuant_part_of s’ at t]
contributor contributor
coverage coverage
created_by created_by
creation_date creation_date
creator creator
curator note IAO_0000232 [An administrative note of use for a curator but of no use for a user]
date date
defaultLanguage defaultLanguage