All terms in IAO

Label Id Description
study limitations section IAO_0000631 [A part of a document about biases or short comings related to the study design and execution.]
document part IAO_0000314 [An information content entity that is part of a document.]
study limitations textual entity IAO_0000632 [A textual entity addressing a shortcoming or bias of a study design or execution.]
textual entity IAO_0000300 [A textual entity is a part of a manifestation (FRBR sense), a generically dependent continuant whose concretizations are patterns of glyphs intended to be interpreted as words, formulas, etc.]
materials section IAO_0000633 [A part of a document about the materials required to reproduce the content of the document.]
identifier IAO_0020000 [An identifier is an information content entity that is the outcome of a dubbing process and is used to refer to one instance of entity shared by a group of people to refer to that individual entity.]
information content entity IAO_0000030 [A generically dependent continuant that is about some thing.]
notes section IAO_0000634 [A part of a document containing typically short notes about the document itself and/or the authors. Often the notes section contains subsections related to funding, competing interests, ethical approval, etc.]
curation status specification IAO_0000078 [The curation status of the term. The allowed values come from an enumerated list of predefined terms. See the specification of these instances for more detailed definitions of each enumerated value.]
data about an ontology part IAO_0000102 [Data about an ontology part is a data item about a part of an ontology, for example a term]
density plot IAO_0000079 [A density plot is a report graph which is a graphical representation of data where the tint of a particular pixel corresponds to some kind of function corresponding the the amount of data points relativelly with their distance from the the pixel.]
graph IAO_0000038 [A diagram that presents one or more tuples of information by mapping those tuples in to a two dimensional space in a non arbitrary way.]
analysis subset ontology module IAO_8000008 [An ontology module that is intended for usage in analysis or discovery applications.]
subset ontology module IAO_8000006 [An ontology module that is extracted from a main ontology module and includes only a subset of entities or axioms.]
keywords section IAO_0000630 [A part of a document where keywords selected by the author to categorize the major theme(s) of a document are listed.]
single layer subset ontology module IAO_8000009 [A subset ontology that is largely comprised of a single layer or strata in an ontology class hierarchy. The purpose is typically for rolling up for visualization. The classes in the layer need not be disjoint.]
ontology module IAO_8000000
curation subset ontology module IAO_8000007 [A subset ontology that is intended as a whitelist for curators using the ontology. Such a subset will exclude classes that curators should not use for curation.]
bridge ontology module IAO_8000004 [An ontology module that consists entirely of axioms that connect or bridge two distinct ontology modules. For example, the Uberon-to-ZFA bridge module.]
import ontology module IAO_8000005 [A subset ontology module that is intended to be imported from another ontology.]