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Label Id Description
1 % false positive rate STATO_0000281 [a false positive rate whose value is 1 per cent]
5 % false positive rate STATO_0000043 [a false positive rate whose value is 5 per cent]
Roentgen equivalent man UO_0000140
absorbance unit UO_0000269
acre UO_0010025
ampere UO_0000011
angstrom UO_0000019
attomole UO_0000044
axiom holds for all times RO_0001901 [ ## Elucidation This is used when the statement/axiom is assumed to hold true 'eternally' ## How to interpret (informal) First the "atemporal" FOL is derived from the OWL using the standard interpretation. This axiom is temporalized by embedding the axiom within a for-all-times quantified sentence. The t argument is added to all instantiation predicates and predicates that use this relation. ## Example Class: nucleus SubClassOf: part_of some cell forall t : forall n : instance_of(n,Nucleus,t) implies exists c : instance_of(c,Cell,t) part_of(n,c,t) ## Notes This interpretation is *not* the same as an at-all-times relation ]
base pair UO_0000244
becquerel UO_0000132
bit UO_0000232
byte UO_0000233
cable UO_0010021
candela UO_0000014
candela per square meter UO_0000085
cells per milliliter UO_0000201
centiMorgan UO_0000326
centiRay UO_0000327
centigray UO_0010055