All terms in NMRCV

Label Id Description
continuant BFO_0000002
entity BFO_0000001
occurrent BFO_0000003
Thing Thing
spatial region BFO_0000006
immaterial entity BFO_0000141
independent continuant BFO_0000004 [b is an independent continuant = Def. b is a continuant which is such that there is no c and no t such that b s-depends_on c at t. (axiom label in BFO2 Reference: [017-002])]
temporal region BFO_0000008
two-dimensional spatial region BFO_0000009
pulse parameter NMR:1000190
parameter NMR:1400101
JEOL FID format NMR:1000191
FID format NMR:1000767 [Describes how the native spectrum identifiers are formated.]
doublet of doublets feature NMR:1000192
multiplicity feature NMR:1400006
intermediate analysis format NMR:1001040 [Type of the source file, the nmrIdentML was created from.]
data file format NMR:1001459 [Format of data files.]
ABX multiplet pattern NMR:1000193
multiplet feature NMR:1400305
line sharpening NMR:1400098