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Label Id Description
Enterobacteriaceae count (volumetric) VolumetricEnterobacteriaceaeCount
viable count (volumetric) VolumetricViableCount
top mass TopMass
mass Mass [Mass is the amount of matter of a phenomenon. It is a base quantity in the International System of Units. Mass is force divided by acceleration.]
Enterococcus count (specific) SpecificEnterococcusCount
viable count (specific) SpecificViableCount
Knudsen number KnudsenNumber [The Knudsen number is a dimensionless number defined as the ratio of the molecular mean free path length to a representative physical length scale.]
quantity Quantity [A quantity is a representation of a quantifiable (standardised) aspect (such as length, mass, and time) of a phenomenon (e.g., a star, a molecule, or a food product). Quantities are classified according to similarity in their (implicit) metrological aspect, e.g. the length of my table and the length of my chair are both classified as length., 量とは,ある現象(例: 星・分子・食品)の定量化できる(標準化された)性質(例: 長さ・質量・時間)の表現である。量は(暗黙の)計量的類似性に従って分離される。例: 机の長さ及び椅子の長さは双方とも長さに分類される。]
responsivity Responsivity [Detector output for unit intensity input. Units are usually volts per watt or amps per watt.]
specific energy imparted SpecificEnergyImparted
absorbed dose AbsorbedDose [Absorbed dose is the energy deposited in a medium by ionizing radiation. It is a derived quantity in the International System of Units. Absorbed dose is energy divided by mass.]
Weber number WeberNumber
normal strain NormalStrain
strain Strain
angular speed unit AngularSpeedUnit
unit Unit [測定単位とは,量の確定的な大きさであり,慣例又は法律によって定義し採用されている。同じ量の測定の標準として用いられ,他の如何なる量の値も当該単位の単純な倍数として表わせる。例えば,長さも量である; メートルは長さの単位であり,確定的な所定の長さを表している。10メートル(又は10 m)とは,「メートル」と呼ばれる確定的な所定の長さの10倍を,実際に意味している。, A unit of measure is a definite magnitude of a quantity, defined and adopted by convention or by law. It is used as a standard for measurement of the same quantity, where any other value of the quantity can be expressed as a simple multiple of the unit. For example, length is a quantity; the metre is a unit of length that represents a definite predetermined length. When we say 10 metre (or 10 m), we actually mean 10 times the definite predetermined length called "metre".]
bolometric correction BolometricCorrection [The visual magnitude of an object minus its bolometric magnitude.]
Document Document
Thing Thing
relative humidity RelativeHumidity