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Label Id Description
axiom holds for all times RO_0001901 [ ## Elucidation This is used when the statement/axiom is assumed to hold true 'eternally' ## How to interpret (informal) First the "atemporal" FOL is derived from the OWL using the standard interpretation. This axiom is temporalized by embedding the axiom within a for-all-times quantified sentence. The t argument is added to all instantiation predicates and predicates that use this relation. ## Example Class: nucleus SubClassOf: part_of some cell forall t : forall n : instance_of(n,Nucleus,t) implies exists c : instance_of(c,Cell,t) part_of(n,c,t) ## Notes This interpretation is *not* the same as an at-all-times relation ]
example to be eventually removed IAO_0000002
failed exploratory term IAO_0000103 [The term was used in an attempt to structure part of the ontology but in retrospect failed to do a good job]
iao.owl iao.owl
metadata complete IAO_0000120 [Class has all its metadata, but is either not guaranteed to be in its final location in the asserted IS_A hierarchy or refers to another class that is not complete.]
metadata incomplete IAO_0000123 [Class is being worked on; however, the metadata (including definition) are not complete or sufficiently clear to the branch editors.]
obi.owl obi.owl
organizational term IAO_0000121 [Term created to ease viewing/sort terms for development purpose, and will not be included in a release]
pending final vetting IAO_0000125 [All definitions, placement in the asserted IS_A hierarchy and required minimal metadata are complete. The class is awaiting a final review by someone other than the term editor.]
placeholder removed IAO_0000226
ready for release IAO_0000122 [Class has undergone final review, is ready for use, and will be included in the next release. Any class lacking "ready_for_release" should be considered likely to change place in hierarchy, have its definition refined, or be obsoleted in the next release. Those classes deemed "ready_for_release" will also derived from a chain of ancestor classes that are also "ready_for_release."]
requires discussion IAO_0000428 [A term that is metadata complete, has been reviewed, and problems have been identified that require discussion before release. Such a term requires editor note(s) to identify the outstanding issues.]
term imported IAO_0000228
term split IAO_0000229
terms merged IAO_0000227
to be replaced with external ontology term IAO_0000423 [Terms with this status should eventually replaced with a term from another ontology.]
uncurated IAO_0000124 [Nothing done yet beyond assigning a unique class ID and proposing a preferred term.]