All properties in PROCO

Label Id Description
ISA alternative term OBI_0001847 [An alternative term used by the ISA tools project (]
OBO foundry unique label IAO_0000589 [An alternative name for a class or property which is unique across the OBO Foundry.]
ObsoleteProperty ObsoleteProperty
RO_0000080 RO_0000080
RO_0001015 RO_0001015
RO_0001025 RO_0001025
RO_0002180 RO_0002180
RO_0002230 RO_0002230
RO_0002233 RO_0002233
RO_0002234 RO_0002234
RO_0002337 RO_0002337
RO_0002344 RO_0002344
RO_0002353 RO_0002353
RO_0002502 RO_0002502
SIO_000132 SIO_000132
SIO_000229 SIO_000229
SIO_000338 SIO_000338
Source source
Subject and Keywords subject
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty