All terms in RO

Label Id Description
neuron CL_0000540
cell CL_0000000
laminar PATO_0002124
structure PATO_0000141
immaterial entity BFO_0000141
independent continuant BFO_0000004 [A continuant that is a bearer of quality and realizable entity entities, in which other entities inhere and which itself cannot inhere in anything.]
specifically dependent continuant BFO_0000020 [A continuant that inheres in or is borne by other entities. Every instance of A requires some specific instance of B which must always be the same.]
continuant BFO_0000002 [An entity that exists in full at any time in which it exists at all, persists through time while maintaining its identity and has no temporal parts.]
linear PATO_0001199
shape PATO_0000052
presynaptic membrane GO_0042734
synapse part GO_0044456
membrane GO_0016020
morphology PATO_0000051
CL_0000101 CL_0000101
Thing Thing
role BFO_0000023 [A realizable entity the manifestation of which brings about some result or end that is not essential to a continuant in virtue of the kind of thing that it is but that can be served or participated in by that kind of continuant in some kinds of natural, social or institutional contexts.]
realizable entity BFO_0000017 [A specifically dependent continuant that inheres in continuant entities and are not exhibited in full at every time in which it inheres in an entity or group of entities. The exhibition or actualization of a realizable entity is a particular manifestation, functioning or process that occurs under certain circumstances.]
acid-amino acid ligase activity GO_0016881
ligase activity, forming carbon-nitrogen bonds GO_0016879