All properties in RXNO

Label Id Description
IAO_0000231 IAO_0000231
IAO_0100001 IAO_0100001
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty
achieves_planned_objective OBI_0000417 [This relation obtains between a planned process and a objective specification when the criteria specified in the objective specification are met at the end of the planned process.]
charge charge
comment comment
created_by created_by
creation_date creation_date
creator creator
database_cross_reference hasDbXref
date date
date date
default-namespace default-namespace
definition IAO_0000115
deprecated deprecated
deprotects RXNO_0000417 [If a reaction R deprotects a group G, then G is in the product where it wasn't in the reactant.]
description description
formula formula
has disposition at all times BFO_0000162
has participant beginning to exist BFO_0000077